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Family Law – Children Public Law Care Proceedings

Our barristers’ reputation for their knowledge and understanding of public law proceedings is second to none. Regency Chambers can provide advocacy at all Court levels from Magistrates Court all the way up to the High Court and Court of Appeal and we regularly take on extremely complex cases involving non-accidental injury, sexual abuse, female genital mutilation and child death.

For any parent, family member or legal guardian, finding themselves involved in Care Proceedings can be intimidating. Our barristers will treat you with respect and empathy, making sure you are aware of what is happening at each stage of the proceedings and why. 

Our depth of expertise in this field is why we remain the first choice for solicitors acting for parents and other family members, local authorities, children’s guardians, and the Official Solicitor.

Our barristers and clerks work together to ensure that all documentation is received and acted upon in good time. Having a close relationship with our instructing solicitors means that we are always able to provide the highest standard of service no matter how urgent or short the deadline.

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