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Private Fees

We appreciate that every client’s case will have issues specific to their circumstance or the level of work involved and so each fee quote is based specifically on the individual case and client.

Fees are agreed per item of work, whether it be for drafting, conference or appearance at a hearing and once the fee is agreed this remains binding unless the work previously agreed changes. The fee will reflect the experience and expertise of your chosen barrister as well as the complexity of the work involved and likely time it will take to complete.

Most fees for hearings are quoted on a fixed fee basis, however hourly rates may be quoted for work such as conferences, drafting and advice. Where a hearing is expected to run longer than one day, a brief fee for day 1 will be quoted and then each additional day at Court will be quoted on a refresher fee. Please see here for an indication of our fees.

Our clerks will advise you as to the most suitable barrister and cost for your case, whilst striving to give the client the best value for money in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Legal Aid Fees

The clerks maintain strict control when quoting solicitors and allocation of the barrister’s fees on the Legal Aid Agencies Case Cost Management System (CCMS) portal. They obtain details from our barristers expeditiously in order to process claims and issue fee notes to solicitors so that they can claim their own fees quickly.

CFA and Pro Bono

Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA) and Damaged Base Agreements can be considered on a case-by-case basis. Pro Bono can be accepted subject to the individual barrister’s agreement.


The timescales for a barrister to provide their legal services are dependant on many factors. These can range from their availability and work load to the complexity of the case and amount of papers they have to read and even the approach from the other parties in the case. Our clerks will be able to provide you with estimate as to the timescales and keep you updated should these be affected by any circumstances.


Should you have any billing queries you can contact our fees clerk via email on

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