In the heart of Peterborough


About Regency Barristers Chambers

Established in 1993, Regency Barristers Chambers is based in a Grade II listed building in the centre of the cathedral city of Peterborough, enjoying excellent rail links, being only 50 minutes from central London, and a first-class road infrastructure resulting in easy access to all major UK cities.

Since its establishment, Regency Barristers Chambers has thrived and expanded to its current membership while simultaneously expanding its geographic reach. As well as Peterborough and Cambridge, we now attend courts and assist clients in Lincolnshire, Humberside, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Bedfordshire, as well as further afield.

With an established reputation in family law, Regency Barristers Chambers has consistently diversified and now provides quality advocacy and advisory services in areas of law as diverse as property to mental health, court of protection to employment and many others. Regency Barristers Chambers’ efficient clerking team is renowned for placing client care at the heart of its business model. Whatever your legal needs, Regency Barristers Chambers has the expertise to meet them.


We appreciate that every client’s case will have issues specific to their circumstance or the level of work involved and so each fee quote is based specifically on the individual case and client. Fees are agreed per item of work, whether it be for drafting, conference or appearance at a hearing and once the fee is agreed this remains binding unless the work previously agreed changes. The fee will reflect the experience and expertise of your chosen barrister as well as the complexity of the work involved and likely time it will take to complete. Our clerks will advise you as to the most suitable barrister and cost for your case, whilst striving to give the client the best value for money in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

The clerks maintain strict control when quoting solicitors and allocation of the barrister’s fees on the Legal Aid Agencies Case Cost Management System (CCMS) portal. They obtain details from our barristers expeditiously in order to process claims and issue fee notes to solicitors so that they can claim their own fees quickly.

Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA) and Damaged Base Agreements can be considered on a case-by-case basis. Pro Bono can be accepted subject to the individual barrister’s agreement.

Equality and Diversity

Our Equality and Diversity information is available here.